Get Podcasting or recording without having to buy expensive equipment.......

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast, record your own radio show or create your very own story book?

Getting started requires specialist equipment that includes high quality microphones, professional software and of course a decent sound proofed studio; all of this comes at a price and in these difficult days not everyone can afford to get started.

Well here at NTRsounds we have the solution. We have our very own sound proof studio that is perfect for recording sound files, shows, podcasts and sessions.


We also have high end recording hardware and software available for your session with us; not only that, but you get your very own production assistant on hand in the suite so that you won't go away without a top quality recording.


Once your booking has been confirmed we will meet you at the studio where you will be given a tour of the equipment that you will be using, we will help set you up ready for recording and be on hand should you have any problems whilst doing your actual recording

Please bring your own SD Card, or memory stick so that you can take the recording away with you

Please bring your own headphones if possible (Covid19 precautions) the better quality the headphone, the better your recording will sound while you're actually "on air".

The equipment allows for telephone interviewing giving high quality sound from both the interviewer and interviewee, please bring your own smart phone should you wish to conduct interviews over the phone.

Due to COVID19 you are restricted to only allowing 1 guests maximum into the studio so please bear this in mind if you wish to conduct 1 on 1 face to face interviews for your cast.

If your wish to bring your own iPad or tablet the system has the ability to accept up to 4 additional inputs using XLR or phone jack connections. You will be required to bring your own leads with you to connect your iPad to our inputs. Please let us know if you intend to bring your own music files on tablet or iPad.


We will provide professional microphones for max 2 persons

We will provide the mixing hardware that will allow you to create your podcast

Included are generic jingles, background music files that will add to your cast

We have a library of over 100,000 MP3 chart tracks should you wish to include one or two in your cast. If you require a specific track please let us know before your session as we cannot guarantee the availability of the track otherwise.

We will quickly edit your show to remove intro or exit pick-up from the microphones and then download your track to your own memory stick or drive.

HOW TO BOOK - You can email us at or call 07585877959 or complete the form below;

The sessions are priced per hour with a minimum of 2hrs for your first visit. This is to allow for your familiarisation process and set up.


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